About: Best Buddy Dog Trainer LLC

The first step to training your dog is deciding what type of training you would like. Do you want a trainer that uses force OR intimidation when training your Best Buddy? What about prong collars or choke chains? Or would you like a trainer who uses motivation, confidence building exercises, treats, praise, and patience? 


Certified dog trainer Jeffrey Causby, ABCDT is a positive only dog trainer, teaching group puppy/adult classes and private in-home consultations. He does not use prong collars, e-collars, force, or pain. Jeff believes it is unnecessary to use these tools or anything like this to motivate or train your dog. He believes with timely reinforcement, daily exercise, and proper scheduling, you can turn any "Problem" Dog into the most well-behaved dog you have ever owned. If time is a factor for you, then Jeff's training schedule will not work for you. You will need to have extra time to put towards training when signing up.

About Jeff Causby

Hi, and welcome to Best Buddy Dog Trainer. My name is Jeff Causby, ABCDT, and my business partner/Fiance, April Schrader, CPDT-KA are certified professional dog trainers living and working in Southern Maryland.


April Schrader started her career as a Vet Tech at Prince Frederick Animal Hospital where her love for helping animals grew into a passion that steered her towards being an animal trainer. April isn't just skilled in rehabilitating puppies and adult dogs, April Schrader also rides and trains horses and chinchillas, lol. April earned her certification from the Council of Professional Dog Trainers and hold dozens of five star reviews and recommendations from vets across the nation.


 Jeffrey Causby, CTDI, ABCDT earned his first certification for animal behavior from the Animal Behavior College, graduated from Karen Pryor's Puppy Start Right Course where he learned how to rehabilitate dogs at different stages of their lives.

 He holds a certification with Kyra Sundance's "Do More With Your Dog" Trick Dog Certification Course where he learned how to teach other trainers and students how to do hundreds of different tricks from skateboarding to turning off lights for elderly patients.

and he also is an AKC CGC Evaluator, Service Dog Trainer and Vet Recommended by dozens of Vets, their staff, their clients and at many different Vet Clinics across the nation. 


     Jeff's love for animals started at a young age.  His mom was a vet technician, and they fostered many different kinds of animals growing up. At the age of 16, he started working as a dog trainer for field trials at a dog kennel in Texas. This fueled his passion to love and care for animals well into adulthood. Jeff started Best Buddy Dog Trainer LLC to offer pet owners a positive-only option for behavioral adjustment training and obedience training. He does not believe in using harsh negative methods to train clients. Jeff only uses scientific methods to treat dogs. 


    After a successful career in California, he moved to Maryland in 2016 where he now offers the same great Best Buddy Dog Trainer, LLC service in St. Mary's County, Southern Charles County and Southern Calvert County which are located in the great state of Maryland.