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Certified Dog Trainer in Maryland

Best Buddy Dog Trainer was founded by Certified Dog Trainer Jeff Causby, CTDI, ABCDT to help today's compassionate and devoted dog owners train & teach their dogs without using pain, force, or intimidation tactics.


Our Southern Maryland based dog training company strives to:

  • Educate new and advanced dog owners about dog behavior, training, and safety precautions in the home and in public.

  • Empower dogs and dog owners through strengthening communication and bonds through setting a routine of obedience training, loose leash walking, proper nutrition and proper mental and physical stimulation.

  • Teach dog owners how to train their dog without the use of food luring, or applying prong, shock, choke chains or martingale collars.

  • Show owners a different & 100% force-free positive approach to dog training that doesn't involve having your dog follow food into positions.

  • Teach you exactly what you need in class to fix your dog problems instead of a fixed agenda.


Best Buddy Dog Trainer only hires Certified & Experienced Dog Trainers


Services Offered:

Private lessons, Group lessons, Virtual dog training via zoom/facetime & Board and Train packages.

Jeffrey Causby, CTDI, ABCDT and April Schrader, CPDT-KA
Jeff is the Founder/Owner & Certified Dog Trainer 
April is our Head Certified Dog Trainer 


About Jeff

As a ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer Jeffrey learned how to identify root problems, how to set up and manage aggression cases and how to apply behavioral adjustment training without food luring and without applying pain, force, or intimidation tactics to change behavior.  This training has equipped him to understand how to handle frustrating dog problems that often leave dog owners confounded. In his role as an active certified dog trainer, he routinely helps owners solve issues related to pulling on leash, jumping, play-biting, counter surfing, running away, bolting, all types of aggression and more than 40 other obedience behaviors and problem behaviors.


As a result of this intensive, highly specialized certification process, Jeffrey has learned things about dog behaviors and psychology that very few humans ever dive into.



Also as a CTDI "Certified Trick Dog Instructor", Jeffrey C, CTDI, ABCDT learned to teach dogs more than 300 different behaviors or “tricks”. This high-level training covers specialty "tricks" like training dogs to carry groceries, teaching dogs to retrieve items like phones or remotes or empowering dogs to wake up their owners when they are having nightmares.


Furthermore, Jeffrey is also an AKC CGC Evaluator certified to train owners and their dogs to become service dogs and/or service dog handlers. As an AKC evaluator, he also works to help dogs achieve the prestigious Canine Good Citizen designation that requires dogs to pass tests in heavily distracting, public areas without the use of food or physically touching the dog.

About April Schrader, CPDT-KA


April holds the designation of being a Certified Dog Trainer for the CPDT-KA Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers, Knowledge Assessed. This elite certification is very difficult to attain because it requires a mastery of knowledge and skills in the areas of ethology, learning theory, dog training technique, and instruction. April’s career started out with her time as a Vet Tech with Prince Frederick Animal Hospital in Prince Frederick, MD where she honed her skills in the dog industry. After PF Animal Hospital she studied under Jeffrey Causby, CTDI, ABCDT while working for Best Buddy Dog Trainer for 2 years before becoming a certified dog trainer. April not only has the education but, she also has the experience training dogs, horses, and cats.



Both Jeffrey and April prioritize personalized service because there's nothing impersonal about a shared passion for dogs. We take customer satisfaction seriously! Please email the Best Buddy Dog Trainer team with any questions or concerns about signing up with us!

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