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Behavior Modification

One of our certified dog trainers comes to your home & shows you exactly what you need to do to stop your problem behaviors without the need to shock, pinch, or use any type of harsh and/or intimidating methods


We use force-free dog training methods to help change your dog's bad habits into acceptable habits. Dogs like us, are creatures of habit. We show you how to teach your dog an acceptable habit to replace the bad habit. We provide dog training plans and videos to help you when we are not there.

This dog training course is for dogs with multiple problem behaviors. 

What We Cover:

1. How to start certain behaviors that we are going to use to replace your dog's bad habits


2. We stop all problems like: Fence biting, fence jumping, aggression, food aggression, submissive urinating, biting, chasing, mounting, resource guarding, and even Coprophasia.

3. How to manage your situation so that you prevent these problem behaviors from happening. This is key to making sure it never comes back. 

4. We also teach 10-15 obedience & loose leash walking behaviors in this course as they go hand in hand with behavior modification for dogs. 

5. We provide private videos & training plans that show you exactly which behaviors you should be working on each week.


Class Info
  1. All classes last for 1 hour

  2. Please do not feed your dog before class. We need your dog to be hungry, especially when doing behavior modification. 

  3. You must have a clicker and a treat pouch for class. No plastic baggies please.

  4.  Lessons are conducted in the privacy of the dog owner's home.

  5. Our Driving Distance For Private Lessons includes some of PG County, all of Calvert County, & all of St. Mary's County, MD.

  6. Learn 10-15 Obedience & Loose Leash Walking Behaviors

  7. We accept ALL temperaments in our Adult Dog Training course. Aggressive Dogs, Reactive Dogs & Fearful Dogs Included.

  8. We Use Only Force-Free Dog Training Methods

  9. We Do NOT Allow Prong, Shock, Choke, Martingale, or Head Halters in Class

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