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board and train program

Board & Train

Positive Reinforcement Board & Train 

At Best Buddy Dog Trainer, LLC., our board and train programs are centered on puppies 6Wks & up but, also with Adult dogs that have behavioral issues.  Our programs are tailored to fit the individual needs of each dog and their specific behavior issues. We believe in positive reinforcement and always provide love and care during the training process. If you’re looking for a successful and stress-free boarding & training experience, tap the sign up button below!

What We Cover:

1. Obedience Training 15+ behaviors


2. Loose Leash Walking 8+ behaviors

3. We work on all problems like: , jumping, food aggression, submissive urinating, biting, chasing, mounting, resource guarding, and even Coprophasia. 

4. We teach your dog how to properly exercise via fetch/flirt pole.  

5. We provide private videos & training plans that shows you the exact training and living routine we had your dog one while they were in our board and train program. Dogs thrive off of routine and consistency. In 3 weeks we are able to teach your dog more than what you would learn in 3 6-Week Private Dog Training Courses.

Board & Train Info

1. 21 Day Minimum. There is no max to how long you can board and train your dog with us


2. 3 Training Sessions Per Day

3. Equipment/Food Needed: Yes please provide food, collar, leash, harness and toy. 

4. Our trainers can pick your dog up for a $100 fee (within 1 hour of our location)

5. No Service Area Restrictions. If you can drive to us and drop your dog off, we will board and train your dog.

6. We offer Force Free Board and Train Services for all breeds & ages.

7. We do not use any type of force, pain, intimidation tactic, prong collar, shock collar or choke chain to train your puppy/dog.

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