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Group Dog Training Class

Learn how to train your puppy or dog in a group setting.

Only 3-5 Puppies or Dogs are allowed in each class.


Learn 5-8 Obedience & Loose Leash Walking Behaviors

Group classes are NOT for Reactive or Fearful Puppies/Dogs.


We Use Only Force-Free Dog Training Methods

We Do NOT Allow Prong, Shock, Choke, Martingale, or Head Halters in Class


  1. Introduction to Training:

    • Learn the basics of dog training and how to advance your skills with your dog.

  2. Basic Obedience Training:

    • Master 5-8 essential behaviors such as "Attention", "Sit", "Stay", "Leave it", and "Place".

  3. Loose Leash Walking:

    • Techniques to stop your dog from pulling and teach them to walk alongside you.

  4. Focus Amid Distractions:

    • Training your puppy to remain attentive around other puppies/dogs.

  5. Socialization Skills:

    • Exposure to new dogs, people, and places to prevent fearfulness, reactivity, or aggressiveness.

  6. Behavior Correction Exercises:

    • Specific exercises to eliminate unwanted dog and puppy behaviors.

  7. Exercise Guidance:

    • Tips on how to exercise your dog properly.

  8. Treat Recommendations:

    • Advice on the best treats for dog training and the treats we use.

Class Overview

  1. Duration:

    • Each class is 1 hour long.

  2. Pre-Class Preparations:

    • Refrain from feeding your dog before class to ensure their attention and prevent possible stomach upset.

  3. Required Equipment:

    • A clicker and a treat pouch are necessary for class participation. Please, no plastic baggies.

  4. Class Format:

    • Classes are conducted in a group setting alongside other dogs and their owners.

  5. Location Accessibility:

    • Open to students from any area, provided you can travel to our location for classes.

  6. Temperament Accommodation:

    • Most temperaments are welcome in our Group Dog Training Course. However, aggressive, reactive, or fearful dogs should first complete private lessons before joining group classes.

  7. Training Philosophy:

    • We adhere exclusively to force-free training methods.

  8. Prohibited Equipment:

    • The use of prong, shock, choke, martingale collars, and head halters is not permitted in class.

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