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Jeff is an excellent trainer. We took our pup to him just about a month or so shy of 1 year old and he had formed some really bad habits. We chose the 5 week board and train package that he has and even one week in, we could tell a difference in our pup. Thanks to Jeff, our boy is a totally different pup than he was before! He listens, he follows commands, and he is just much more laid back and is calmer. I'd seen the videos and was hopeful but wasn't confident that he would be able to change our boy's habits, but he has done an amazing job! So much so, that our 3 year old is much more comfortable with him now and will actually lie on the floor beside him and play with his toys. Before, he was just too excitable and high energy and had a tendency to knock our son over. Now, he just watches and waits to see if our son wants to play. If we ever get another dog, we will definitely be taking him to Jeff at a much younger age. The impact he's had on our boy has totally changed our family interaction and we are all much happier. If you want a real professional, who can teach your pup and you and your family the right way to interact, Jeff is your guy! We have not been disappointed!

Knikesha Banks


Skype lessons are working for us!! I have a 15-month old pit bull mix. Before contacting Jeff, we did a puppy class with her with a trainer in the Columbia, MD area, and a basic obedience class with her in the Baltimore, MD area. But we didn't get the results we wanted. She started well in class, but we couldn't figure out how to finish training her on our own. The result was a dog that didn't seem to listen or focus on us. Jeff's videos got my attention because unlike many other trainers (who can train your dog for you but aren't so good at explaining to you how to train/manage the dog yourself), Jeff's videos shared real, concrete, specific tips and techniques. After learning that Jeff offers Skype lessons, I decided to sign up and see what would happen. We are 4 lessons into a 6-lesson package, and I am 100% thrilled with the changes I am seeing in my relationship with my dog. She was ready to learn and work and focus - I just didn't know how to bring that out of her. Jeff gives you a step by step process for training your dog to clearly understand a command and execute it quickly and reliably every time. He also gives lots of very specific guidance about what to do (or not) with your body, tone of voice, clicker, leash, etc. when working with your dog (this is the hard part for me!). It takes work on your part to get results, but it's a "work smarter, not harder" kind of deal. You can do 3-minute bursts of focused training a few times a day on your own and see huge results. Jeff has also given me practical advice on thoroughly exercising my high-energy dog, even inside (I live in the city and have no yard). And advice on reducing unwanted behaviors. All in a positive-only way that I was skeptical of at first, but am seeing awesome results with. My dog is different when I'm not using body blocking, or a pinch collar, or even a stern "NO!!!" to nip unwanted behaviors in the bud. I recommend Jeff highly and will consult with him in the future if we have a specific challenge to address in the future. A note about being a Skype client: you need a webcam (computers/tablets often have a built in camera), willingness to learn Skype (it's not hard), and the ability to shoot short videos of your homework to share with Jeff. If I can do it, you can do it. Skype lessons are also very convenient - so it's easier to fit lessons into your very busy life vs. having to drive your dog to a class/training session.

Valerie Riedel


I would like to tell y'all about my experience with Jeff Causby from Best Buddy Dog Trainer, but first a little about me. I did some intensive investigation on the internet in my general location looking for someone to help me train my dog. I have a now 6 year old rescue German Sheppard by the name of Major, my family and I rescued him when he was 5 years old. He had training before we got him but he still needed more. He was great with my family and after getting to know someone he was ok with other people. However, first meetings he came off rather aggressive, although being a great dog. 

When I contacted Jeff, he got back to me in a very timely manner and we set up the arrangement for training and our first meeting. My first impression of Jeff was that of a person who was charismatic with the work that he does. He can be a very down to earth when it comes to training and extremely energetic at the same time. Jeff takes extreme pride in his work and has a plethora of training tips to help you succeed in training your pet in the way you want. Granted his methods were not what I was used to when it came to training a dog, however, he asked me flat out if I was willing to change my training techniques drastically. I agreed and I could not tell you how enthused I am with the change in my dog’s behavior. Jeff told me straight up, he was not going to just train my dog, but teach me to be an armature trainer. Which makes total sense, Jeff can only put in so much time a week with your pet, the rest comes up to you working with your animal to make it stick. That is the only part of the training I grew up with that Jeff agreed with. 

For anyone already on his sight and has worked with him, knows how great this man is and what he can do for your pet. For those of you looking to find a great trainer I encourage you to contact Jeff and take the time to talk with him and explain to him what you are trying to do. His methods are positive training at all times and it has opened my eyes to a new training technique that I extremely enjoy. For those of you that are new to pets or training pets, remember it does not happen overnight, you have to work with you pet and heed Jeff’s instructions. For if you do you will get the pet behavior you have always dreamed of. Please look into my new friend Jeff if you are looking for training, also look him up on YouTube under Best Buddy Dog Trainer, he has a ton of videos of working with different dogs. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me.

Daniel Brand


The best positive reinforcement trainer in the area!!!! I have a super high energy pit mix puppy and with the help of Best Buddy Dog Trainer (Jeff Causby) my pup is listening better, knows and follows commands better, no longer jumping on my 6 year old (which she hated), & overall behaving better. He has equipped me with the tools and resources to continue to work and bond with my puppy and I can't thank him enough! He's also super responsive when I reach out in between sessions with questions. I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with behavioral issues with your dog.

Natika White


Jeff and I set up skype sessions due to distance. I am beyond ecstatic after only our first session! It was better than I could have ever imagined! If you are wanting to train with Jeff, but questions the Skype sessions, STOP and give him a call now! He is clear, concise, kind, patient, encouraging and so knowledgeable. I can not say enough about our session, but he gave me renewed hope that I didn't have to just succumb to my dog being a derelict. No one wants an ill behaved dog and now I believe mine doesn't have to be. In so many ways I'm glad we were on Skype versus in person because I was the one that had to do the work to train my dog. That's a good feeling too. Worth every penny! Thank you Jeff!

Kristin Lundeen Grizzell


I am amazed at the difference in three weeks with our Tug! Jeff looks, watches and adapts to the dog. Figured out so quick Tug would respond to targeting and boy that made it click!!! Am so happy that we saw the posts here on Facebook!

Heck, I came home from work today and yesterday and Mooseman sat and greeted me instead of a battering ram!!!!! If you need help with manners Jeff and Best Buddy is the MAN!

Karla J Brown


I first met Jeff when I took a puppy class with my standard schnauzer puppy, Grayce. At the end of the class we needed more training and are currently doing private lessons. Jeff really loves the dogs he trains! His positive based training has been such a wonderful experience for us. He explains things very well. I am a visual person and benefit from seeing things done first before I actually get it. Jeff demos things very well and gives some background of why that way is best. I will look to him for all my future training needs. If you want a trainer who cares about you dog and uses only positive training methods then look no further than Jeff!

Melissa Dimeler


Jeff is amazing with dogs!! We have 7 and a 9 year old terrier mutts. Started having increased in home aggression. Jeff listened to my concerns/issues and addressed them all. After only a few weeks of private lessons, I have seen significant changes in both dogs. We haven't had a single fight since starting! I have learned a lot about dog behavior in only a short time. Would definitely recommend.

Sarah Gowland


Jeff is a fabulous, positive only trainer! He has a great eye and helped me see when my timing was a little off. Jeff is great at showing you step by step what you need to do to teach a behavior and is really good at making sure you understand the reason that your dog is responding in the way that they are. I really learned a lot about why my dog is behaving the way that he is. Because of distance, I even did a lot of my lessons by Skype, which I was not too sure of at first. I was amazed at how well the lessons went (and I didn't have to mess with traffic - yay!). If you are looking for a positive only dog trainer, I definitely recommend Jeff!

Kim Corcoran


Jeff is an awesome trainer, I have seen such a positive change in my dog Jackson's behavior since we began training with him. He has helped us greatly with issues such as pulling on the leash, jumping/barking, basic commands, etc. He has also taken the time to work with us on many more complex commands. Jeff is punctual and extremely professional, he truly cares about his work. Would highly recommend him.

Natalie Gray

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