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Puppy Training Course

We welcome puppies from 6wks - 18 months old

Get your puppy to listen better, focus with distractions and learn how to stop any and all puppy problem behaviors like pulling, jumping, nipping/biting and potty training.


  1. Getting Started:

    • Introduction to training fundamentals.

  2. Basic Obedience Training:

    • Master over 10 essential commands such as: "Sit", "Stay", "Leave it", "Recall", "Drop it", "Take it", "Fetch", "Up & Off", "Leash On & Leash Off". Our program has the capacity to teach you dozens of beneficial behaviors.

  3. Loose Leash Walking:

    • Learn techniques to prevent your dog from pulling on the leash, ensuring a pleasant walk for both of you.

  4. Focus Training:

    • Train your dog to remain attentive around distractions like other people, dogs, or animals.

  5. Behavior Correction:

    • Identify and rectify problem behaviors, preventing their recurrence.

  6. Personalized Training Resources:

    • Access private videos and tailored training plans guiding you on the behaviors to focus on each week.

Class Details:

  1. Duration:

    • Each class lasts for 1 hour.

  2. Pre-Class Preparations:

    • Please refrain from feeding your dog prior to class to ensure their engagement and prevent possible stomach upset.

  3. Required Equipment:

    • Attendees must have a clicker and a treat pouch by the 2nd class. Plastic baggies are not acceptable.

  4. Location:

    • Lessons are conducted privately at the dog owner's residence.

  5. Coverage Area for Private Lessons:

    • Serving PG County, MD Calvert County, MD and St. Mary's Counties, MD.

    • Virtual Lessons are available for out of area students.

  6. Training Focus:

    • The curriculum includes 10-15 obedience and loose leash walking behaviors.

  7. Temperament Accommodation:

    • All temperaments are welcome in our Puppy Training course, including aggressive, reactive, and fearful puppies.

  8. Training Philosophy:

    • We adhere to force-free training methods exclusively.

  9. Prohibited Equipment:

    • Prong, shock, choke, martingale collars, and head halters are not permitted in class.

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