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  • April Schrader, CPDT-KA

The PERFECT Age for Board and Train

The journey of welcoming a new puppy into your home is a thrilling adventure, filled with anticipation and joy. As responsible pet owners, we often wonder when is the best time to send your puppy to a board and train program. While some trainers recommend waiting until the pup reaches 6 months of age, we beg to differ. As certified professional dog trainers, we understand the many benefits of early training.

Considering a Board and Train program for your puppy? The opportune moment to commence this training experience is right from the outset, regardless of whether your furry companion is 8 weeks, 10 weeks, or older. If you want a well-behaved and harmonious partnership with your puppy you should begin training the moment you being your new friend home.

The Critical Learning Window: At 8 weeks, your puppy is in a crucial phase of their development. Your puppy's adorable little brain is like a sponge, soaking up information and experiences that will shape their future behavior. At the age of 8 weeks, your puppy is highly receptive to new experiences and can quickly learn and adapt to various stimuli, making it the perfect age for puppy board and train.

Early Socialization Benefits: At 8 weeks old, your puppy is starting to encounter moments of fear, highlighting the importance of early socialization during this critical period. Proper socialization at this stage is crucial, as positive interactions with the world around them lay the foundation for them to become a well-adjusted adult dog. Puppy board and train programs provide a structured setting for socialization, introducing your puppy to diverse people, environments, and situations. Emphasizing early and positive socialization is essential for preventing behavioral issues and nurturing the development of a well-balanced adult dog.

Establishing Good Habits and Preventing Unwatned Behaviors: Enrolling your puppy in a board and train program at 8 weeks provides an immediate opportunity to instill positive habits. Covering everything from basic commands to housebreaking, these foundational behaviors lay the groundwork for a well-mannered and adaptable canine companion. By focusing on good habits, puppy board and train programs serve as a proactive measure, preventing the development of unwanted behaviors before they even have a chance to take root.

Bonding with Trained Professionals: Board and train programs often involve experienced trainers who can build a strong bond with your puppy. This early connection with professionals can positively influence your puppy's perception of training, making future learning experiences more enjoyable.

Quicker Training Results: Due to the immersive nature of training in a controlled setting, sending your puppy to a board and train program will yield quicker, more effective and longer lasting results than individual sessions at home. This approach allows for focused attention on your puppy's learning, minimizing distractions and optimizing the training experience. This accelerated learning process not only provides faster results but also instills a solid foundation of behaviors, ensuring a well-behaved and responsive puppy.

Ease of Transition: Starting a puppy board and train program at 8 weeks ensures a smooth transition into your home. Upon returning, your puppy brings back a solid grasp of fundamental cues, good manners, potty training, and more. This comprehensive foundation streamlines the integration process, fostering a harmonious relationship between both pet and owner.

Choosing to send your puppy to a board and train program at 8 weeks is a proactive step towards shaping a well-mannered and socially adapted puppy. By utilizing the critical learning window and providing early exposure to positive training experiences, you set the foundations for a lifetime of joyous companionship with adorable puppy. If you're interested in providing this enriching experience for your puppy or adult dog, feel free to contact us at 301-231-1907 or via email at We look forward to helping your puppy embark on a journey to become a well-behaved and cherished companion.

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