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  • April Schrader, CPDT-KA

The 5 BEST Ways Exercise Your Dog

We all want our canine companions to be healthy, happy, and full of energy. Regular exercise is a key component of achieving this for your furry friend. Here are the five best ways to keep your dog fit and content:

  1. Fetch: The Classic Game: Fetch isn't just about physical exertion; it also engages your dog's mind. Teaching cues like "drop it," "retrieve," and "bring it back" adds an element of mental stimulation to the game. Your dog learns to follow cues and think strategically, which can enhance their overall obedience and problem-solving skills.

  2. Flirt Pole Fun: Engaging your dog with a flirt pole promotes vital skills like impulse control and obedience through the incorporation of cues like "drop it." Physically, it enhances their strength, stamina, and agility as they chase and leap for the lure. Moreover, it serves as a healthy outlet for their innate desire to chase and catch, steering them away from potentially risky behaviors.

  3. Tug of War: Tug of war offers an engaging and dynamic workout for your dog's jaw and body, making it a valuable addition to their exercise routine. Moreover, it presents an opportunity to reinforce essential cues like "drop it" and "take it," promoting impulse control. Beyond the physical benefits, this interactive game fosters a stronger bond between you and your pup, making it a win-win activity for both of you.

  4. Swimming: Swimming is a low-impact exercise that's easy on your dog's joints. If you have access to a pool, lake, or beach, take your dog for a swim. Many dogs enjoy splashing around and retrieving toys from the water. Just ensure they are comfortable in the water and always supervise them.

  5. Agility Training: Agility courses are more than just a physical challenge; they engage your dog's mind and problem-solving skills. Setting up agility equipment in your yard or attending a class can be an exciting way to exercise your dog. It improves their agility, balance, and coordination while providing an outlet for excess energy.

Remember that different dogs have varying exercise needs based on their breed, age, and health. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the most suitable exercise routine for your dog. And, most importantly, have fun and enjoy the time spent together with your beloved four-legged companion! 🐕💪 #DogExercise #HealthyPets

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