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Online Dog Training Courses

For dog owners who love a hands-on approach and want to train their dogs at their own pace, this course is just the ticket! It's ideal for those seeking a flexible, DIY Dog Training experience. Great for beginners or seasoned dog owners.


Each course provides a curated collection of over a dozen step-by-step instructional videos, ensuring a seamless learning experience for you and your canine companion.

For those in need of additional guidance, our expert trainers are readily available for weekly LIVE support sessions, simulating the personalized experience of in-person dog training lessons. This options is called the community.


Nuestros cursos de adiestramiento canino están disponibles en español, completamente traducidos para garantizar una experiencia de aprendizaje inclusiva y accesible para todos.

What We Cover:

1. Foundation Behaviors -

These essential behaviors lay the groundwork for your dog's training. Each lesson inside your Foundation Behaviors guide covers a different behavior.


2. Step-by-Step Video Guide

Master the art of puppy training! Each lesson will show you how to train that behavior from capturing to adding distractions and more. 

3. Course Updates

Every month, we expand our course offerings, featuring topics such as Loose Leash Walking, Reliable Recalls, Separation Anxiety solutions and more.

4.  Other dog training issues we cover.

Our courses address a range of issues, but in order  to take those harder courses like off leash dog training, aggression, separation anxiety, trick training, or even essentials like recalls, stopping jumping, stopping pulling on leash and treating resource guarding you must first start with our foundations behavior course. The Foundation Behaviors Course will lay the foundation for any and all future training you will do with your dog. 

Course Info

1. Our Dog Training Guides

Our courses or guides are presented as video lessons, offering a self-paced learning experience rather than one-on-one instruction.

2. What if I have a question?

Well, our support or community is set up different from our dog training guides.  And for a monthly fee of just $7.50, you gain access to the expertise of our Certified Dog Trainers, ready to assist you on your dog training journey. In essence, you can ask us anything you'd like, as if you've enlisted our services for private lessons but, you must sign up for the Best Buddy Community guides to gain access.

3. Cost of Courses/Guides

Gain access to 12+ online dog training behaviors with a single payment of just $49. We will be adding new courses soon.

4. Course Outline

Each course will be for different behaviors. Our Foundations course covers all of our basic foundation behaviors and how to add distractions, duration and distance to each. Other courses will cover things like Recalls, Potty Training, Loose Leash Walking, Tricks, Problem Behaviors, etc.

Ready to unleash your dog's potential? Join us!

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