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Online Dog Training Courses

Our dog training courses are online and in video format. Each course will have over a dozen videos in order from start to finish on how to train your dog. 

If you need extra trainer support, we offer LIVE support every week. This is like hiring us for dog training lessons.

Atención:  ​

Todos los cursos de adiestramiento canino están traducidos al español

What We Cover:

1. Foundation Behaviors - These are the behaviors you must obtain first.  


2. We show you how to train your puppy step by step with our instructional videos. 

3. Each month we add new courses like Loose Leash Walking, Recall, and Separation Anxiety Courses. 

4. Our courses will cover puppy problems, adult dog training behaviors, aggression, separation anxiety, tricks, and we even cover recalls, jumping, and resource guarding. 

5. We don't beat around the bush with our dog training videos. We show you from the very beginning how we train not only our personal dogs but, also our students' dogs as well.

Class Info
  1. The Dog Training Courses are in video format. The courses are not 1-on-1. 

  2. 12+ online dog training courses start at $49<- this is a 1 time fee.

  3. The Dog Trainer support is an added fee <-This is a $15 monthly fee.

  4. You will need a clicker

  5. Our Driving Distance For Private Lessons includes some of PG County, all of Calvert County, & all of St. Mary's County, MD.

  6. The Community or dog trainer support guide is the guide you need if you want to obtain live support from our dog trainers. This is something no one else is offering. Watch our videos, train your dog and ask our trainers anything you need to know about your dog and get answers like you have a dog trainer on call

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