Puppy Training Course

This course is for puppies under the age of 6 months

Complete this course before taking any other courses

All lessons are taught inside your home & on leash

What You'll Need:

1. Fill out our intake form by tapping GET STARTED 


2. Purchase all necessary equipment for class.

Harness/Leash/Treats/Treat pouch/

2. A hungry puppy. Do not feed before training or you may cause severe diarrhea


3. Always exercise your dog before class! Ask about our exercise equipment

4. Please have contract signed by the first class.

Download contract HERE 


5. Have your dog on leash

& away from door when we enter your home.


What You'll Learn
  1. How to effectively communicate with your dog

  2. How puppies learn 

  3. How to get ANY behavior on cue

  4. How to stop ANY problem behavior

  5. Loose leash walking - We show you 5-8 loose leash walking exercises in this course

  6. We teach10 Obedience Behaviors 

  7. How to properly exercise your dog to expend energy in minutes

  8. Potty Training

  9. Crate Training

  10. Barking - incessant, demand, or fear barking

  11. How to eliminate any & all bad habits like jumping, pulling on leash, counter-surfing, play-biting, nipping. & bolting.

  12. We show you how to eliminate any problem-behavior you are dealing with even if it isn't listed above

  13. We start with a set of foundation behaviors and when you get those down we add more and move on.

  14. We do not limit you. You can learn as much as you like or you can learn just a few behaviors. 

Location of training


Length of classes

Scheduling dates & times

Private in-home lessons are taught inside your home where your dog is most confident & least distracted. Only one dog can be trained at a time. All other pets must be secured in another room. 

All lessons last for a minimum of 1 hour. If sessions end earlier than 1 hour, that time is added at the end of your course.

We offer lessons Monday - Sunday. 

Class Times  



12:00-1:00 pm

1:30 - 2:30 pm