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  • April Schrader, CPDT-KA

The Perfect Day for Your Dog

Imagine your dog starting each day with a wagging tail and a spring in their step. What if you could guarantee them a day full of adventure, learning, and tasty treats? The truth is, you can! Just like us, dogs thrive on routines, and a well-structured day can bring them happiness, reduce anxiety, and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

AM: Morning Sunshine

  • Exercise: Begin the day with a high-energy exercise session. Play fetch in the backyard, have a game of tug-of-war, or simply let them chase a flirt pole. Get that tail wagging and the energy flowing!

  • Training (15 mins): Set aside some time for a short training session. In the morning, focus on foundational behaviors like name recognition, sitting, touch, leave it, and using their mat.

  • Enrichment Feeding: After training, rather than just placing food in a bowl, make mealtime more exciting. Use a puzzle feeder, a lick mat, a kong, or any interactive feeding device. This engages your dog's mind and helps them work for their food.

Midday: Adventure Awaits

  • Exercise: A midday exercise session keeps the momentum going. Play fetch or engage in your dog's favorite interactive game to keep their energy up.

  • Long Sniffy Walk: Give your dog a real adventure with a long, leash-free walk in a park or open area. Let them explore, sniff, and just be a dog. During this time, you can work on recalls, rewarding engagement, and desensitizing them to other dogs and people.

  • Chew Time: After their walk, treat your dog to a satisfying bone or chew. Knuckle bones, bully sticks, Himalayan chews, and cheek rolls are all great options. If your dog prefers nylon chews, those work too. Chewing helps keep their teeth clean, calm them down and satisfies their natural instinct to gnaw.

PM: Evening Serenity

  • Exercise: Start the evening routine with an exercise session. Engage in your dog's favorite activities to expend their remaining energy.

  • Training (15 mins): In the evening, training can focus on loose leash walking or address any specific issues like separation anxiety. Alternating the focus keeps things interesting for your dog.

  • Enrichment Feeding: Finish the day with another round of enrichment feeding. Once again, make mealtime an adventure. You can use snuffle mats, puzzle feeders or simply spread their kibble in a small area in your yard and let them sniff around and find it.

Remember, dogs adore predictability. When you establish a daily routine, they become more relaxed and comfortable in their environment. The consistent mental and physical stimulation promotes a healthy, happy, and well-behaved pup. Your dog's perfect day is just around the corner, and it all starts with a routine that shows them love, care, and the joy of being a cherished member of your family.

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