• Jeff Causby, CTDI, ABCDT


We have very very exciting news! We have decided to open a dog products business separate of Best Buddy Dog Trainer and it is called Best Buddy Dog Products

We only offer products that we know and love!

We have products that will help you with your behavioral issues. We use these products every day.

For example, I live in a multi-dog household and when I am training one of my dogs, I like to give the other dog something to do so that he isn't stressed out while I am training his sister.

I call it separation training. I teach the dogs that being a lone is rewarding. This is when I will use something like the Lickimat. Our dogs love it, we spread peanut butter or bananas or peas or even sardines. Oh, a good one is to put baby food on the lickimat.

We offer only the highest quality foods. No rendered meals, no meat by-products, no corn, no gluten of any kind. Most of our products have only 1 to 5 ingredients in them. We have an amazing new freeze dried dog food called Balanced Life and they have Chicken, Lamb, Salmon & KANGAROO!!! It is amazing and you can add this to your dog's diet like it is now and it is just like feeding them raw food but, WITHOUT THE MESS!!! Add a little water and you have raw food. This stuff is amazing.

Our new site is bestbuddydogproducts.com and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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