Canine Good Citizen Course

Foundations & Intermediate are prerequisites to the Canine Good Citizen Dog Training Course. This course is taught by an AKC CGC Evaluator so you will also be able to take your test with us. 

What You'll Need:

1. Complete & PASS the prerequisites.


2. Always exercise your dog before we meet. 

2. A hungry puppy & high valued treats. 

3. 1-3 helpers for certain test items you need 1-3 people to practice.

4. A special toy you have been conditioning since foundations course.



What You'll Learn
  1. How to accept a friendly stranger in public

  2. To teach your dog to politely allow grooming & examining by the groomer & vet. 

  3. How to loose leash walk in public/without food 

  4. How to loose leash through a crowd of people without reacting. Crowd = 3+ ppl

  5. Sit Stay in public while handler walks away

  6. Down Stay in public while handler walks away

  7. How to get your dog to come to you in public 

  8. How to accept friendly dogs without reacting. 

  9. How to have your dog not react to weird distractions in public like a stroller, or umbrella falling or street music. 

  10. How to eliminate all separation anxiety in public. You will be able to leave your dog somewhere and walk out of sight & the dog doesn't react at all. 

Location of training

Length of classes

Scheduling dates & times

The Canine Good Citizen Course will take place in a public setting. 

Classes last for a minimum of 1 hour 

Unless your trainer ends the session early & if that happens you will NOT lose your time. Your time will be added to an extra lesson that will be held anytime you wish. 

We offer lessons Monday - Sunday. 

We schedule 3 clients in the morning &

We schedule 3 clients in the evening


Morning Classes   

8:30-9:30 am

10:00-11:00 am

11:30-12:30 pm

Evening Classes