Aggression Dog Training Coursel

Foundations is the prerequisite to this course. If you call for aggression, you will take the foundations course first but, it will be geared towards aggression treatment instead of aggression prevention. 

What You'll Need:

1. A muzzle, harness, 30' lead.


2. Purchase all necessary equipment for class.

Harness/Leash/Treats/Treat pouch/

2. A hungry dog. Do not feed before training or your dog will blow you off when faced with a threat.


3. Always exercise your dog before class! Especially for aggression work. Do not skip this step!

4. You must already be feeding through training & not out of a bowl to attempt this type of training


5. Have your dog on leash

& away from door when we enter your home. 


What You'll Learn
  1. Behavioral Thresholds

  2. Counter Conditioning

  3. What is dominance & why it doesn't apply to you & your dog.

  4. How to interpret emotional signals.

  5. Advancing your behaviors. 

  6. Mat/place training

  7. Crate training

  8. Muzzle Training

  9. Impulse Control Training

  1. How to creat positive associations. 

  2. Stay/Wait/Release Cue

  3. Resource Guarding from food to spots on the couch.

  4. How to live with/manage an aggressive dog. 

  5. Why you shouldn't employ pack leader tactics, do alpha rolls, employ intimidation tactics, hovering over or loom over your dog becuase they didn't "listen" to you & of course, why you shouldn't correct your dog or say "No!"

Location of training

Length of classes

Scheduling dates & times

Aggression cases will ALWAYS start at the home. If your dog doesn't like men, we have a female trainer that specializes in aggression. 

All lessons last for a minimum of 1 hour. Your trainer may end your lesson early. If your lesson ends early, the time you have left over will be added to another week.

We offer lessons Monday - Sunday. 

We schedule 3 clients in the morning &

We schedule 3 clients in the evening


Morning Classes   

8:30-9:30 am

10:00-11:00 am

11:30-12:30 pm

Evening Classes